Bolt Learning Management System API integrations are done seamlessly in the background.

Application Program Interface (API) is a two-way system of transferring data between systems to perform push and pull automated functions - or in simple terms: a tool that allows systems to communicate.

  • If I add your system to all the systems my company already has, how will they communicate?
  • Will I have to phone your support constantly if the systems are not compatible?
  • Am I going to waste my time manually adding staff members to your system?
  • How will my users log in?

All these are logical questions that you would be asking yourself when considering an LMS platform. There are two main obstacles to in integrating a Learning Management System:

  • technical (having the right features and support) and
  • operational (rolling it out in a timely and efficient manner).

Bolt LMS was developed with all this functionality in mind – each function of the LMS is capable of being accessed and actioned via the API.

LMS API integration:

  • Helps administrators
  • Helps maximise employee and learner experience
  • Gives employees just one login for all the platforms they have access to
  • Adds / removes users when they are no longer in the HR system or on the payroll
  • Triggers invoices when modules are accessed, reducing time spent manually going through them individually

With Bolt LMS, you can:

  • Load in users automatically
  • Allocate training
  • Provide single sign-on
  • Link to a payment gateway
  • Automate many of the tasks that need to be performed when running a Learning Management System
  • Track and connect to analytics

Bolt LMS has been designed to maximise automation and minimise manual process, so that it can seamlessly integrate with:

  • Salesforce
  • Office 365
  • Azure
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • A number of other apps, tools and systems

Learning Management Systems differ in requirements. Having someone investigate your compatibility ensures that you don’t find out too late your vendor can not adequately provide for the needs of your business. With Bolt Consultancy, we can develop an integration checklist for you and help you implement it.