Global Learning Management System makes training unified and standardised for all employees all over the world.

A global system of economy requires a global learning management system; however, this is challenging and expensive on almost every level. Relying on manual processes, lack of glossaries when it comes to jargon within an industry, disparate content management systems – to name a few, result in long delays and cost time and money.

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Bolt Spark automatically detects the user’s location and adjusts to their language, thanks to its geo-aware interface.

Users can also set up the language preference manually, and the system will adapt. It can translate all communications instantly because the translation solution is already embedded and automated.

Bolt LMS is available in multiple languages, currently British English, American English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Bulgarian and Chinese (Simplified), with more coming soon.

We combine the power of cloud-based technology with the experience of native speaking translators and copywriters to deliver content that is accurate and geographically and culturally adapted.

The key advantage of a multilingual LMS such as Bolt Spark is that it delivers simultaneously to an unlimited number of users wherever they are. The courses are consistent across the board.

Even if the contents of the module change, the eLearning Translation system uses the previously translated sentences and paragraphs from the database and implements them automatically.