Bolt offers a learning management system gamification platform, with multiple gamification features that will meet your structural gamification requirements, which we pair with interactive game-based eLearning modules for maximum Learner engagement.


Many organisations are now embracing gamification Learning Management System and developing gamification strategies within their online training solutions, as a way to motivate employees, students and even customers.

But what is LMS gamification and why use gamification within your online training? What does it look like to use gamification in Learning and Development?

In essence, gamification is the process of applying gaming designs and concepts to learning or training scenarios in order to make them more engaging and entertaining for the Learner. It can be used for many things, including onboarding, improving sales capability, customer service, employee training, performance and more.

Our gamification-ready LMS is a modern, online platform supporting gamified eLearning modules. Take a look at some of the gamification features our LMS has to offer:


LevelsGamification levels

Gamified training can involve the creation of eLearning modules that range in difficulty, creating what are referred to as different ‘levels’ within the eLearning. New levels are unlocked when Learners reach a certain level of progress or score, encouraging them to try harder and often repeatedly practice a set game or activity, getting better each time.

Modules are often carried out within a Learning Kingdom which is presented in the form of an animated graphical interface, or gamification LMS dashboard. This guides the Learners visually through the available online training content and the different levels of game-based learning within the gamification LMS platform. As they complete training, they move to a new level, or zone, in the Learning Kingdom and onto the next level of Learning. They may be awarded points or badges as they move through the Learning Kingdom.


BadgesGamification badge

When Learners complete Gamification levels or tasks, they are often rewarded with points or badges. On our Gamified LMS has the ability to reward Open Badges or bespoke badges unique to an organisation.

Each Open Badge is associated with an image and information about the badge, its recipient, the issuer, and any supporting evidence. All this information may be packaged within a badge image file that can be displayed via a Learners online CV's and social networks. 

If you would prefer your own internal badge system then our creative team are on hand to design a set of badges unique to your own organisation.

With gamification LMS, learners can earn badges for skills and knowledge you learn online and offline.


MissionsGamification climbing stairs mission

Online, gamified training modules can be created as missions, or quests, which Learners are challenged to complete on our gamification eLearning platform. Each completed mission not only unlocks their inquisitive and curious nature but pits their knowledge and skills against those of the mission creator. It creates excitement, engagement and the story within each mission assists the brain in recall.


Mini-gamesGamification controller

Like missions, mini-games stimulate the competitive nature we all possess and encourages Learners to repeat activities to develop better skills or knowledge recall. All contributing to superior Learning.


League tables & LeaderboardsGamification 1st place trophy

A gamification points system, league table or leaderboard can be carefully designed to motivate and engage the Learner. Whilst we must be careful with league tables, as they have the potential to alienate employees who join after existing members, utilising schemes like 'most points gained over x period' or similar can encourage trainees to compete against each other to better themselves. These often work particularly well in a sales capability training solution.



Gamification LMS can include a variety of rewards for completing tasks or achieving a goal, it can be in the form of points, or badges, or a cash reward for an employee. Bolt have partnered with epoints to enable our clients to also easily reward their Learners with epoints.


The ultimate goals of gamified LMS are to achieve higher levels of engagement, change behaviours, and stimulate collaboration and innovation. Spark, our gamification LMS, has the power to facilitate these elements - but Gamification should go beyond badges and leaderboards!  We can boost engagement, motivation and performance through the carefully considered design and implementation of gamification in our eLearning and on our platform. Why not find out more about gamified elearning with our lms gamification platform?



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