Bolt Spark is a Learning Management System that is gamification training ready. Through the LMS, you can distribute gamified training and engage your trainees in an interactive process of learning.

When acquiring information, learners are often passive observers. Information-heavy training makes trainees disengage, resulting in low motivation to learn and poor knowledge retention. Gamification, on the other hand, makes training fun through games and other activities. A learning gamification platform, like Spark, is designed to engage your learners, who, aside from completing gamified training, move through their own learning pathway as if it were a game.

Learning through gamification

Interactive modules that resemble a game provide maximum learner engagement.

With gamified learning, users engage visually through the training, opening new levels and new courses upon completion of the previous ones. Their learning experience is enhanced by gaining points, awards, badges or scores on a leaderboard. We deliver both off-the-shelf gamified courses, as well as bespoke gamified modules.

Fun, rewarding, challenging

When playing a game, learners become active participants. They get immediate feedback and extra motivation by competing with themselves, to get to their own "personal best".

Solving problems directly related to their job performance and progressing through “small wins”, your learners' own curiosity and competitiveness leads to quicker onboarding, improves sales capability, customer service, mandatory health and safety training and more. Gamified learning leads to changed behaviours and stimulated collaboration and innovation. Also, as humans, we are hard-wired to stories and this trait helps learners connect to the storyline in a game - allowing for easier absorption of information.

Within a gamified module, the levels involve a range of difficulty

This will lead to trainees trying harder and repeatedly practising. When the curiosity of your learners is stimulated with stories and missions, it is far easier for the brain to recall and develop new skills. Learners can get points, badges or even epoints. In the LMS, they will move through the Learning Kingdoms, sequencing their own training as if it were a game: they can't progress to another level until they've completed a mandatory segment of training.