The Bolt Spark LMS (Learning Management System) records all activity performed by trainees into a Learning Record Store.

This is a quick and straightforward way to get early visibility of potential problem employees and develop your high performers faster.

How can you see where the gaps in the skills, proficiency and compliance of your staff are, when you have more than 20,000 employees?

How do you monitor such a large number of employees (or an even larger number) and know when and where to intervene?

Would you like to really take a look at the training habits of your employees?

How much time do they take to complete a module?

How much time do they take on an individual question?

Do they rewind a video that they have just watched?


With Bolt LMS’s powerful reporting system and its ability to manage big LMS data, comprehensive and in-depth trainee analytics are not only possible – they are one of the greatest strengths of our system.

The flexibility of Bolt Spark Learning Management System allows store managers to see the progress of their teams, and the managers higher in the hierarchy can see the full radius and extent of training in respective regions and even on national level.

This solution frees up time for managers to run the business. It gives them peace of mind that their colleagues are safe, knowledgeable and compliant.

The learning and development teams are able to track progress in real-time, and measure and adapt the training strategy accordingly. It also identifies area and opportunities to grow both in terms of individual learners and the company as a whole.