Spark LMS data captures bid data, in-depth detail of progress and everything that goes on within a module; whether the learner has watched a video, clicked rewind, completed an activity, answered a question, etc.

This enables us to assist our clients further in their learning goals by analysing the data and revising the module content to promote even better understanding and retention.


Time - An LMS to Manage Data

How long has the learner spent on a module/topic/question? Spark will compare a learner’s performance against others and the time each trainee took to get through areas of the module. By reviewing this, we would be able to gain a good indication as to whether a learner rushed through a module or may have had difficulty understanding a topic/question and how can we help with this going forward.


Use The LMS to Measure Performance Levels 

Spark can use data from the LMS to review performance levels and can identify learners in terms of enthusiasm (are they going into the training more frequently and/or are they recapping?), laziness (are they doing their modules just before the deadline?) and motivation (have they stopped halfway through and why?). Spark will access the trends of a learner over time and provide valuable insight into your trainees.


Our LMS Investigates Data to Help You Make Improvements

Spark allows you to investigate where learners are getting the answers right and wrong and what are the reasons behind this. Perhaps the training hasn't been understood well enough; perhaps it was but they have forgotten it? By analysing the data, we can create a feedback loop between the trainees and content authors to continue to make improvements.



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