Adding your own branding, colours and logo makes our leading Learning Management System your own custom LMS.

If you want your employees to become ambassadors for your brand, you have to help them identify with it. Off-the-shelf training often fails to deliver such a message.

With Spark LMS, you can configure every aspect of the system due to its flexible style. From what is displayed on the dashboard, to the organisation’s branding, colours and logo, our custom LMS branding tailors to your needs, even if your company has multiple brands and locations.

IPAF learning platform example

Having your own branding across an entire Learning Management System enhances brand loyalty and makes your employees your brand ambassadors.

A branded learning platform is a visual reminder of what your company stands for and serves as a reference point for your employees, even if it’s just on a subconscious level. This ensures that learners are guided towards displaying the behaviours with the values of the company in mind.