Our automated compliance management system ensures that your organisation is not taking any risks when it comes to compliance training and compliance tracking.  Bolt LMS automatically reports on your level of organisational compliance, and proactively ensures that the required proficiencies are kept up to date. With compliance management solutions within your LMS, you can deliver a holistic, seamless view of compliance by uniting training in a single online location. Our compliance training management system offers a useful framework for proactively managing regulatory training breaches and lowering risk.


Reasons to use an LMS for compliance become more self-evident as a business grows. Organisations which operate within a heavily regulated industry will have compliance management as the number one challenge. Finding suitable compliance tracking software or compliance tools to help manage the process is critical. A secure LMS which can provide this will help ensure peace of mind, protect your business, your employees, your customers, and your reputation.

Many trainees may not appreciate health and safety or compliance training, and it has historically been a dry, ‘tick box’ exercise, but the benefits of using an LMS for compliance is clear. However, health and safety managers, HR Directors and CEOs know that having well-trained employees and having easy access to records of that training, is essential. One of the most effective ways to get health and safety or compliance training to your learners is to do it online, by implementing a learning management system (LMS). An LMS can help you achieve greater compliance training completion rates and offers a simple solution for compliance tracking to identify training gaps and prove due diligence.


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What Is a LMS Compliance Management System

An LMS compliance management system reveals its characteristics and deepens the understanding of your existing and emerging risks by helping your team harness the power of relevant learning data. By understanding exactly where each individual, each team member, their region and the company group stands with regards to compliance training, gives you better management of potential risk, complying with compliance training regulations, and meet reporting requirements.

An LMS allows you to distribute health and safety efficiently, or other legally required, compliance training materials to employees and retain a record of that training.

Many modern LMS compliance solutions can be set up and defined by your specific organisational hierarchy. Through the organisational structure you should be able to create certain groups or subgroups, and potentially even tag individuals based on your specific requirements (all possible with Bolt LMS). Based on this, you would then be able to distribute compliance training materials and report on specific groups in isolation.

But who wants to distribute training manually? A good modern LMS compliance management software should automate as much of the process as possible. Automation should be a vital feature of any corporate compliance management software, where time is money. Automation is something Bolt take very seriously!


What do you get with our Compliance Management system?

Bolt LMS goes a whole lot further than most LMS – it is the ultimate compliance management solution. Our intuitive and interactive LMS acts as a central platform to house all compliance training records in any format, past, present, and future. These compliance training records could include eLearning modules, face to face courses attended, certificates, documents read, assessments passed, videos watched and more.

Our compliance management solution is unique in the world of LMS. It doesn’t merely distribute training to those who require it. It intuitively sends reminders, schedules new training to be allocated, notifies managers of breaches in compliance in specific job roles, regions, sites, business teams, or whatever you require. It will predict when compliance breaches are at risk and notify managers, and also intuitively allocate additional training accordingly.

With Bolt’s compliance training solution, you can set up specific ‘job roles’ and pre-define the ‘proficiencies’ each job role must have for your company to remain compliant. Proficiency may be many training modules completed, documents signed, and videos watched. Each job role may require a number of these proficiencies to be seen as compliant. The system then tracks precisely where each is with particular proficiency which their job role requires, flagging a red alarm if not compliant and amber if compliance is at risk.

Our compliance management dashboard gives managers a simple, impactful, real-time visual of where they are in term of compliance, and they can drill down from a total company, business group, right down through to individual. Automated real-time reports can be scheduled.

Bolt’s compliance training dashboard shows, at a glance, if your trainees/ sites/teams are 100% 'compliant' or not based on the proficiencies you have set for that individual, role or team. For example, for a production worker, they need to have completed Food Safety, Manual Handling and an OTJ introduction to the machinery. If they haven't done all of these, they are marked as not compliant and in turn, are not granted access to the production floor. You can then set these training modules to be repeated every 6 months (or whatever is deemed necessary) to maintain compliance which the system automatically distributes. Importantly this compliance functionality gives you a full audit history of compliance and proof of training and also proactively helps you manage your training compliance.


LMS Compliance statistics


How our LMS Compliance management solution works?

Whether you need to ensure Health & Safety modules get completed within a week of someone starting a specific role, or ensure that you have 2 fire wardens in each physical location, our LMS lets you 100% customise and automate the compliance management process with our compliance management system.


Your Compliance Rules

You define your own compliance rules, which can apply to individuals, or job roles, or parts of the organisational structure, or locations. The system will then proactively monitor compliance against these rules. It will provide early warnings when recap or renewal is due, pro-actively allocate training and can even predict future potential breaches.


Job Role Compliance

For each job role that a user may have, you can define requirements for them to adhere to (e.g. must complete induction within 1 week of starting; must renew Health & Safety every 6 months, etc.) and the compliance management system will combine the different roles a user may fulfil and ensure they do the required training.


Organisational Level Compliance

This allows you to define a set of compliance requirements for levels within your company hierarchy (e.g. there must be a branch manager with valid Fire Warden; there must be a director with valid certification, etc.). The compliance management system can check and notify you when you are not compliant.


Single Compliance Training Repository

Store all of your training in one place; eLearning compliance modules, video, audio, PowerPoint, reference documents and even face-to-face.

Our LMS has an event management system which is integrated into the Compliance Management System, meaning that attendance at face-to-face training can also become part of the compliance requirements being monitored.


Easy access compliance reports

Share access to reports with different levels of management inside your organization and relevant any third parties through the compliance management system itself.


Policy library and electronic signatures

Distribute critical compliance and policy documents to learners and collect an electronic signature proving they have received and read it. 


High impact online compliance training

Combine our powerful compliance management system with our pedagogically-sound compliance eLearning and you have a ground-breaking way to protect your organisation, your employees, your customers and your reputation. Our training modules and LMS are mobile responsive so learners can complete training courses in a place and time most convenient for them, within your predetermined timeline.

 The reasons to use an LMS for Compliance Training should be clear and for more information get in touch!


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