The Learning Management System allows for the generation of downloadable certificates, utilising any of the fields held against a user or modules they have completed.


LMS Self-Certification & Certificate Generation

Spark LMS can create certificates for users as they complete modules and you can customise the design to your own requirements. Fields can be grabbed from both the user record and the module and automatically populate the certificate.

You can have different certificates for different modules, departments, etc. and you can have them automatically emailed to user, if you wish to do so.


3rd Party Certification LMS

We have many base modules, certified by 3rd parties. 

If certification is provided by a 3rd party organisation, then the results from training completion can be sent to the awarding body automatically. In some cases, the results can also be returned into the system, automatically notifying the user as required.  In other cases, the 3rd party generated the certificate and it is sent directly to the trainee.



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