The LMS booking system can seamlessly manage all your event booking. Being a cloud based events management system, Spark LMS can take full control of organising both physical and online events - or a combination of the two - with ease.

Easily combine eLearning, webinars and face-to-face events - all your blended learning activities can be organised from one platform. The Event Booking System can send invites, collect RSVPs and track attendance.

Event planning can represent a logistics obstacle in your business – even the best of invitation strategies can go awry. Emails don’t get a response, phone calls hit a dead end, reminders go to wrong people.

Comuter with bolt booking system on screen

Integrated Event Booking System

Bolt LMS has an integrated Event Booking System that manages your training event for you, even sending reminders and travel directions. It can be further integrated into your system, depending on which parts of the training might require the trainees’ physical presence.

Whether your events are one-offs or something that happens regularly, an integrated Event Booking System creates a stress-free planning environment and raises a level of trust among your attendees.