Learning, including eLearning, is a continuous process that’s based on a feedback loop between the instructor and the learner. One of the biggest challenges for both the corporate and academic world is to ensure their LMS provides an avenue for continuous assessments, thus providing a way to really understand how much has been learned. Understanding your needs in terms of LMS Assessment and Assignment solutions is critical to finding the right Learning Management System.

LMS Assessment engine

Bolt LMS provides one of the most cutting-edge LMS assessment engines on the market allowing for the allocation of a wide variety of assessments and assignments, and then a collection of submitted materials (e-submissions.) It offers assignment tools to enable both kinds of assessment; qualitative and quantitative.  

Our LMS Assessment functionality and Assignment options also allow for efficient review of the submissions and grades applied (e-marking) for an assessor's marking queue system.

Stand Alone Assessment LMS Tool

An assessment or assignment can be a stand-alone training item in the Bolt LMS, allowing for the simple submissions of essays, photographic assignments, illustrations, presentations, and even videos. 

LMS Assessments as part of modules

Assessments assigned by the LMS can be placed within a module, allowing the individual assessment to be made available only once the user has progressed to a certain point in their training. Not only can this online assessment be designed using a variety of question and assessment types, but it has the added benefit of automating the often tedious process of manually grading, or marking, which comes with paper assessments.

Within the module the assessment, tests, and quizzes might include:

Multiple question format: including true/false, multiple choice, match, and subjective questions

Randomized questioning: test questions can be randomly pulled from a wider pool

Personalized questioning: questions can be tailored to a specific trainees needs, knowledge, skills, job role etc

Multimedia / Interactive questioning: this can take many forms including interactive videos where trainees react to a relevant scenario as it plays. 

Webinar as an LMS Assessment tool

Bolt LMS has a built-in webinar function meaning managers can carry out 'face-to-face' or one-to-one virtual assessments, or provide coaching and mentoring for trainees after assessments. Alternatively, these webinars can be used to do team assessment exercises or even record a response to a particular assignment. These 'virtual assessment sessions or webinars can be booked via our event booking tool, again built-in to our LMS.

Assessment via LMS survey 

Our LMS has built-in survey functionality allowing managers or trainers to easily create their own 'assessments' using a choice of question formats. It is designed to be easily created and easily completed by the trainee and every response is stored against the trainee profile.

Assessors Learning Management Grading System

Our assessment LMS reporting and grading system allows authorised assessors to review submitted files, comment, draw on top of files, attach notes and grade the submissions. If you have multiple assessors, the system will queue the items ensuring each item is allocated to a single assessor and not graded more than once.

Flexibility is key when it comes to finding an LMS which offers the right Assessment tools for your needs. Bolt is pushing the boundaries of what an LMS can do. Our range of assessment and assignment options can be used as part of training, as a standalone option or in conjunction with other solutions. 


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