Bolt Learning Management System allocates assessment in situ and grades them immediately.

Traditional assessments are often a long and tedious process. Grading assignments manually wastes a lot of time and leads to frustration both for the assessors and the trainees, as the learner has to wait long for result.


Instead of just giving a result, our system allows for the trainee to see where they went wrong immediately and retake the question or assessment until the learner has reached the correct answer.

This allows for better retention of knowledge as the learner is motivated to correct their behaviour right there and then. If time is allowed to pass between the trainee giving the wrong answer and waiting for a correction, they will have forgotten what their mistake was all about.

The system also allows for assessments in the various formats: multiple choice, randomised questioning, personalised questioning, multimedia / interactive questioning.

All these assessments are available once the user has reached certain points in the module that require completion and a check of understanding, before the user can progress further in the module. This helps the user track their own progress and retain the knowledge more effectively than other methods.

Spark has unprecedented flexibility when it comes to assessments.

Managers and trainers can create their own questionnaires with the survey tool within the LMS, using a choice of question formats. Our Ignite content authoring tool allows for the creation of a wide range of quizzes and exams. It is also possible to upload submissions to be graded by assessors, much like submitting an essay at university.

If an assessment has to be done face-to-face, Bolt LMS has a built-in webinar function, where a trainer and a trainee can meet face-to-face, at a time of their choosing, which eliminates the time necessary to travel.

A trainee can also record an answer to a particular question and then submit it via the system. This type of communication allows for coaching and mentoring over distance and can be booked via our event booking tool.