The built-in Learning Record Store tracks all your learning and business data and stores them inside the Learning Management System.

Whether you have less than a hundred or 10,000+ employees, you might want to have a unique Learning Record Store that helps you understand why users are failing in one section or a module. Traditionally, learning systems provided information in simple form, such as “completed” or “in-progress”.

Bolt LRS provides insight from the training process itself: for how long a trainee interacted with a page or module, which questions have given them trouble, where the knowledge gaps are. This is where our job performance data and our training data are converging. This allows you to assess how effective the training is and make improvements if necessary.

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A Learning Record Store is a server system that is able to store and retrieve large amounts of data generated from Experience Application Program Interface (xAPI) statements ("Person Did Thing"-statements) – a system that is crucial for a handshake between learning systems and learning content.

At Bolt, we provide an LRS as an integral part of our Learning Management System. It will record your online training, mandatory reading requirements, blended learning campaigns, or face-to-face mentoring sessions. It can even record training completed outside of the system, such as the trainee’s learning in their own time or in a previous role.

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Our LRS can:

  • Let you see where the learners have tapered off
  • Which trainees have performed best and in what kind of timeline / number of attempts
  • If the performance has not picked up despite training
  • If the practical applications were a direct consequence of training

Actions you can take with the insights from LRS:

  • Get rid of ineffective content
  • Find the best learners
  • Identify gaps in your learning program
  • Discover unexpected relationships

Data from these experiences can be seen through our powerful reporting suite or shared with other systems for reporting analytics and to support adaptive learning experiences.