Are you considering sign-up for a free trial of an LMS?

Choosing the right Learning Management System is a difficult and confusing task. As with many things, it's a good idea to 'try before you buy', with a demo or a trial, to help you decide which LMS best suits your training and development needs. 



What are the different ways to try and test an LMS?

1. A LMS Demo

All credible LMS providers will offer a full demo of their product. This might be via a pre-recorded video, a webinar or one-to-one session. We thoroughly recommend you prepare for this session and make a clear list of your business needs. The LMS might have thousands of features and functions but you need to be clear about what is really important to YOU. Seeing a demo of an LMS is a critical part of creating a short-list of your favourite LMS. We recommend a full walk-through demo of the LMS to help reassure you of the potential snags and help avoid issues when swapping vendors.

Our team here at Bolt offer one-to-one demos to give you a thorough insight into the features and functionality of our LMS and to ensure you're really confident on how it can meet your specific business needs.

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2. A LMS Trial

Once you've got your short list of LMS down, it's well worth doing a free trial of your favourite few. Many modern LMS providers offer a free trial meaning you can start to really get to know the system, even uploading your own users, distributing training, running reports and really testing the different functionality important to you.

There are normally two types of free trial. One allows you to access the basic, generic features and get a general feel for the system. The other might involve a conversation with the LMS provider to better understand your needs, and then they will set-up an LMS including the functionality you specifically desire. Many LMS providers offer commitment-free access for 30 days.


How we set up our LMS Trial

Bolt offers two different types of free trial; one gives you almost instant access to the LMS, which is set up with our core functionality. The second is a more tailored approach; we will first have a conversation with you about your specific needs and then set up a tailored LMS for you - this is still normally within 24hrs (showing how quickly Bolt LMS can be set up!) By having an initial conversation, and learning about your specific needs and challenges, we can give you access to all the relevant features, so you get the most out of your free trial. 



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