Spark LMS is extremely flexible and can be configured easily to deliver exactly what your organisation needs. 


Spark is flexible enough to be tailored to your needs, from what is displayed on the dashboard to the URL trainee's use to visit, as well as how your employees receive notifications.   

This also includes your business's branding, colours and logo and even allows for different branding at different levels of the company hierarchy - perfect if you have multiple brands, locations, etc.



The trainee record system can be configured to have exactly the fields you want from job titles, addresses, start dates, job roles or anything else you need. You can choose whether those are mandatory fields or optional and even includes the ability to add trainee photographs.

If you have existing HR or Payroll software, we have an API available to link the systems together removing the need for double entry, or if you have an existing intranet, we can help you implement single sign on.


LMS custom branded examples


Audit Trail

The system logs all changes within a trainee record, together with the details of the user who performed the change, providing you with traceability. It also records each log onto the system and maintains a copy of every email sent from the system to each user. We have also included a delivery management tool to record emails that bounce; the manager will be notified and the system will display a warning until rectified.


Hierarchical Permissions System

The permission system allows you to create different managers at different levels of the organisational structure, each with their own set of permissions to view and/or maintain data. You can even devolve the creation of additional managers and the system will ensure they can't create permissions above the level from which they were allocated.



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