Verification is important to ensure the person taking the training is the intended recipient.

Bolt LMS allows for a variety of User Verification tools including facial recognition.


Facial Recognition LMS

Spark LMS knows when someone other than the intended trainee is doing the module. Its facial recognition capacity gives you peace of mind knowing that the right people are doing the right training.

We work based on a set percentage accuracy, even with angled shots, allowing you to choose how stringent you need to be.


Facial Recognition 1

Facial Recognition 2

Facial Recognition 3


Additionally, we can gain further analysis of the images captured including gender, age range, likelihood of smiling, presence of glasses or sunglasses, eyes opened or closed and facial hair.


Facial Recognition 4

Facial Recognition 5


Our LMS also handles multiple faces in a single image, allowing you to choose, if you wish, to disable the training if more than one face is found.


Facial Recognition 6


We can capture images on a set schedule or on a random frequency throughout the training session (e.g. 3 images per hour). We can also trigger a capture at key points within the training, such as the answering of an exam question or moving from one section to another. The images can be stored for review later.

Whether you choose to simply capture images or control the flow of the training if the required face isn't present, our LMS can be tailored to your requirements.



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