Bolt’s Learning Management System has an integrated facial recognition capacity.

“Trust, but verify” is a saying ascribed to Ronald Reagan, but hails back to a Slavic proverb. So, how do I verify that the person taking the course is who they say they are? Spark LMS gives you peace of mind knowing that the right people are doing the right training, thanks to the cutting-edge facial recognition software, based on set percentage accuracy, even with angled shots.


Capture images on a set schedule, randomly throughout the training session, or at key points within the training – when answering an exam question, for example. Storing the captured images against each training session provides a powerful audit trail for compliance and regulatory purposes.

Spark LMS can also detect if there’s more than one face present in a single image, allowing you to disable the training if more than one face is found. 

Facial recognition can be tailored to your requirements so that you know exactly when and who is taking the training or sitting an exam.