Make collecting paper-based signatures from your employees a thing of the past with our Electronic Signature solution.


Your business no longer needs to waste time, money and resources when distributing and gaining signatures for policy documents, standard operating procedures (SOP), declarations or other must-read communications by paper. The electronic signature function within our Learning Management System (LMS) means any document, SOP materials or training content can be instantly distributed to specific employees, signed online and returned within minutes.


Electronic Document Signature 1


All e-signed documents are stored digitally on your LMS, including information like time and date of signature and the exact document version; all data is easily accessible, giving managers an instant access digital audit trail through the powerful reporting interface built in the system. No more complicated spreadsheets, bulging filing cabinets or risk of lost paper copies: the electronic document signatures function takes away all the frustration of storing and organising huge reams of documents.


Electronic Document Signature 2


The Electronic Signature tool automatically keeps track of all the documents distributed: you can easily send a document to an individual or to a group of employees belonging to specific organisational units and set a deadline for employees to submit their e-signature.

Employees will need to verify their identity using their email or telephone number before completing their electronic signature for a document. The LMS can then alert your managers if any e-signatures are outstanding or if any required signature has passed your agreed due date and send automatic reminders to employees as frequently as you need.


 “Going paperless should be a KPI for any company in 2018. The Electronic Signature solution, within the Bolt LMS, has provided us with unquestionable time-savings as well as cost and environmental benefits. We’re one step closer to being a paperless HR department!” Sophie Cooke, Head of HR, James Convenience Retail


Take the next step towards the paperless, stress-free future and choose the easy way of gaining signatures from your teams. Ask for a demo of our LMS with Electronic Document Signature function.



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