Bolt Compliance Tracking is done through the Learning Management System. It has a dashboard that gives a simple, impactful and real-time visual representation of the state of your compliance.

Compliance ensures that a company is abiding by industry regulations and government legislation. However, it is often seen as a complex, time-consuming, difficult-to-deliver, necessary evil. Add to that low engagement and low knowledge retention, and the pitfalls are many – from fines to company closure and even criminal charges.


LMS on an ipad

Bolt LMS allows you to create your own compliance rules, training and tracking to meet your organisational needs.

For example - you can customise by branch-level, or a job role:

  • Every store must have at least 20% of staff trained in First Aid
  • Every office must have at least 2 members of staff trained as a Fire Marshal
  • All members of staff must complete their induction training within 7 days of starting
  • All team leaders must be trained in people management

The system distributes compliance training material to employees and retains all training record.

Being cloud based and mobile responsive, it can be delivered in record time to any device, and learners can complete the modules in a place, pace and time most convenient to them.

Our Learning Management System stores all of your training in one place making it possible to access from different levels of management and by any relevant third parties. It also has the capability to collect electronic signatures.

LMS screen on a laptop 

The system automatically reports on compliance, highlighting where individuals haven’t completed or maintained their required proficiencies. It will also intuitively allocate additional training accordingly.

This customised approach reduces the risk by understanding where each employee, team and region stand when it comes to compliance training so that you can take immediate action.