What Is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Imagine the most efficient training college ever, that offers a wide and exciting range of courses to meet all your training needs.

Imagine courses that are innovative, interesting and designed to meet a variety of trainee abilities and learning styles.

Imagine a superb administrative system that identifies trainees and maintains a record of their progress and achievements. 

Imagine this as big or as small as you need, in a range of different languages.

Imagine all this delivered digitally, on-demand, online, 24/7 to their computer, laptop, iPad or mobile phone.


Welcome to Bolt’s SPARK Learning Management System (LMS)

Spark is powered by cutting-edge technology that can deliver compliance training, blended learning, virtual ‘face-to-face’ learning and more – from one single platform. The next-generation features like gamified learning, facial recognition or eSignature collection, make us a leader in what we can do for our clients to succeed, expand and grow.

Created and Built to Maximise the Ease of User Experience

With built-in surveys, powerful monitoring and reporting, our LMS is one-stop-shop on both sides of the dual carriageway: we empower you to deliver and monitor training from one single system. Support throughout all the stages of development and implementation is guaranteed here at Bolt. We provide user friendly detailed 'how-to's as well as fine detail tuning and consultancy.


LMS Data

Record all activity performed by the trainee and store it in the Learning Record Store, where Bolt LMS Data analyses with ease where each of your learners stand. Get early visibility of potential problem employees and develop your high performers faster.

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Reporting Analytics

Bolt Spark collects, stores, analyses and reports on the progress of your learners in detail. Easily build a hierarchical picture of the organisation’s performance, identifying your star performers and those who are struggling.

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Gamification Platform

Engage your trainees in an interactive process of learning through our gamification-ready LMS platform. Change behaviours, stimulate collaboration and innovation through a gamified learning experience.

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Blended Learning

Get the best of both worlds by combining an online approach with hands-on practical work and social interactions that you get within a classroom.

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LMS Customisation

Customise our leading Learning Management System to your organisation’s needs. Add your own business branding, colours and logo – made possible by the flexible style of Spark LMS, even if you have multiple brands and locations.

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Responsive LMS

Future-proof your learning with Bolt LMS platform – a fully mobile-responsive design ensures optimal use on smartphones and tablets. Access anytime, anywhere, on any device, without installing any plugin or additional software.

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Learning Kingdoms

Animated graphics resembling a videogame - LMS Learning Kingdoms - enhance the user experience and motivate learners to find out what’s around the corner in their immersive learning journey.

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Learning Record Store

Track a wide variety of learning experiences via an in-built Learning Record Store System. It is the focal point of your learning and business data and is able to store everything you need inside the LMS platform.

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LMS Assessments

Bolt LMS provides a cutting-edge system for allocation of assessments within the Learning Management system. It allows for the materials to be submitted electronically (e-submissions), as well as graded in the same place (e-marking).

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Generate downloadable certificates, with customisable data on user or module they have completed, through Bolt Learning Management System Certification. Send the certificates directly to candidates via email, as soon as they complete a module in the LMS platform.

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Compliance Training

Gain a simple, impactful and real-time visual representation of where your team is in term of compliance through the dashboard of our Compliance Training Management System. You can drill down from a total company, business group, all the way down to an individual – and schedule an automated, real-time report.

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LMS Booking System

Manage and maintain your event booking and attendance as a part of a blended learning approach in our LMS Booking System. Easily combine eLearning, webinars and face-to-face events – all from one platform.

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Integration API

LMS Application Program Interface (API) Integration is a crucial area for being able to automate training, streamline processes and deliver content. Each function of Bolt LMS is capable of being accessed and actioned via the API.

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Notifications Management System

Send every trainee in your company a tailored message or assign them specific learning material or documents, whether abroad or locally, in different languages, specific time zones, using an email message or a text notification.

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Digital Document Signature

Bolt Digital Signoff Document with Signature Tool makes collecting paper-based signatures a thing of the past. The Learning Record Store provides a single record location for all forms of training inside the LMS platform.

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Training Distribution

Issue specific training to specific people, departments and locations, with different levels of hierarchy with the Bolt LMS platform. Distribute training only to the relevant employees and keep track of the distributed modules through the reporting system within the LMS system.

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LMS Metrics

Define how you want to report and monitor training performance with the metrics system that is built into the Bolt LMS platform.

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Global Solutions

Use the same training management system for employees all over the world – in their language of choice – thanks to our ground-breaking and revolutionary Global Learning Management System. It automatically adjusts to users’ language choice and time zone, facilitated by its geo-aware interface and availability in multiple languages.

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LMS with Scalability

Whether you have 200 users or one million users, our LMS platform is cloud based and adjusts to the demands of your user base. The Learning Record Store keeps track of all your organisation’s data. The system expands so that every user is served quickly, easily and efficiently.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality does not have to be a stand-alone activity. Integrated into an LMS, it delivers a real-life learning experience without potential severe consequences.

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LMS eCommerce

Sell your own training content directly from our LMS platform. The eCommerce facility, enabled by Sage Pay, allows for credit card transactions for eLearning modules. Configure the facility to allow for discounts and training bundles.

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Schedule and run distance learning sessions with Bolt’s LMS webinar functionality. Create live LMS webinar sessions in the same way as classroom training events. Bolt LMS Webinar is accessible on any device, whether it’s an open or closed event.

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Facial Recognition

Bolt’s online Learning Management System has an integrated, cutting-edge LMS facial recognition capacity, based on a set percentage accuracy, even with angled shots. Spark LMS gives you a peace of mind knowing that the right people are doing the right training.

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Micro Learning

Micro learning allows eLearning to be delivered in manageable, memorable chunks which can work around employees’ schedules.

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