Developing engaging and impactful learning programmes is key to the Learning and Development strategy in any business.

Programme design is a framework that supports a structured approach to engaging learners through modules, pathways and learning resources. Programmes are typically designed to support subjects or role profiles based on strategic goals and performance objectives.

Bolt focuses on developing programmes that utilise principles to make learning stick, reflecting the desired skills, competencies and behaviours that enhance capabilities or to facilitate changes that are required by your business.


Understanding Your Requirements to Define the Way Forward

Our consultancy approach is to work with your business to discover the needs of your programme and the most effective approaches to deliver a solution to your learners. Our team will focus on understanding your programme requirements through user research to provide an empathetic understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. Gaining insights into your users and their needs will allow us to define a framework to deliver on your learning objectives.

Designing and Delivering Impactful Blended-Learning Solutions

Once a framework to your programme is defined, we will work with your teams to structure and map the required skills, competencies and behaviours your learners need to be able to demonstrate. Through the use of our Spark platform, our consultants will design a blended-learning solution, that will help your team to deliver bespoke solutions, thus maximising the learning that is already in place in your organisation and leveraging our industry-leading content to develop the components of your programme.

Determining Success Factors and Pivot Points

Learning and Development functions across all sectors have struggled to determine insights into how effective their learning programmes are. Our consultancy approach is to help your team understand the data provided through the programme by creating success factors at the start of the process of design and implementation. Once in place, we will help you to measure and make recommendations of the programme’s viability throughout its life cycle. Our Spark LMS platform was created to provide a range of analytics to assess capability and our bespoke and off-the-shelf content is designed to make learning stick and measurable.


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