An interactive video is worth a thousand words – not a cliché, but a proven and powerful tool for the eLearning industry. Videos create engaging scenarios where focused participants are required to interact with the environment.

In the world of eLearning, understanding and long-term retention are only achieved through active participation: interactive videos can take your training to new heights.

Traditional learning content often fails to engage the user and to create the conditions for good knowledge retention. Although using videos for training has become an established practice in the eLearning industry, they do not always provide a better understanding than simply reading slides. When participants are not required to interact with the learning content, their attention span is shortened.

Interactive videos

Videos enriched with interactive activities - questions to answer, decisions to take, hotspot to click - provide the chance for the users to be engaged by completing those interactive activities. This way, learners get immersed in an environment where they are required to act instead of just being observers.

Bolt team integrates interactive videos as part of the learning content.

We can update existing training videos with interactive activities, record brand new ones, or create video animations. Interactive videos increase knowledge retention, as well as significantly better learning performance and a higher level of learner satisfaction.

Capture learners' responses

Interactive videos also allow us to capture the learners’ responses and feed them to our powerful reporting system, from which you can directly see the results. These lead to a deeper understanding of every trainee and how useful the knowledge they received is.