Would you like to be able to translate eLearning content seamlessly and ensure that the quality is consistent across multiple languages? At Bolt, we have developed an authoring tool that combines the speed and efficiency of machine-aided translation with the expertise of native speakers.

We have created an eLearning translation solution that combines the power of smart technology and human expertise. It is a proprietary authoring tool built into our eLearning modules where it seamlessly translates the content and ensures consistent, high-quality, multilingual digital learning courses and training materials.

Our eLearning translation solution can seamlessly translate text, video subtitles and voiceovers, and all other module content at exceptional speed and with exceptional quality.


Smooth, idiomatic and adapted eLearning translations

With an access to a massive language database, the translations are smooth and idiomatic, adapted to the regional variations in the languages. Our human reviewers work off a cloud-based tool, cutting the review time in half. If you are starting from scratch, at Bolt we have a full team of Learning Designers who create high-impact learning content and ensure that your courses are appropriate cross-culturally. If you want to author / transfer your own content in our proprietary Authoring Tool, that is also possible.

Artificial intelligence meets native speakers

The eLearning translation system extracts all the text from a module generated in the proprietary Authoring Tool. Artificial intelligence-based machine translation tool uses existing translation memory to initially translate the content. Experienced native speakers and copywriters review the content, ensuring consistent, high-quality eLearning translations. Our eLearning translation partners have more than 4000 native speaking linguistic specialists with a minimum of five years’ experience, across 60 countries.

Cloud-based and seamless

The linguists work in a cloud-based review tool, where all reviews and adjustments are done centrally, cutting traditional review times in half. The final result is a high-quality eLearning translation, crucial for the employee training of multinational companies. The Authoring Tool automatically re-creates training modules and content: text, video, subtitles, graphics and voice-overs, without the need to manually build new versions of each module. We perform a final review and testing to ensure quality control.

Language barriers are a thing of the past

The system also builds a translation memory for each organisation which makes new translations increasingly automatic, consistent and cost-effective. Furthermore, our eLearning translation tool automatically recreates the training modules and content, and it is able to consistently update all versions of the module in different languages. Learning contents can be rolled out geographically anywhere in less than a week. High quality control and assurance is incorporated in our technology at every step of the eLearning translation process.