Bolt training maximises the powers of storytelling to transform dull corporate facts into engaging, inspiring and outstanding content that delivers memorable company information. Instead of having corporate training that will be almost instantly forgotten, our learning experts create training that will be long-lasting and unforgettable.

An active brain is vital when it comes to learning and engagement, and when stories are told, the brain becomes more stimulated. A creative story can put the whole brain to work, evoking emotions, relaying feelings and experiences. A story creates a uniquely emotional experience.

The power of association

Emotion is the glue that binds the trainees’ brain to the meaning of the learning content. Retrieval of information in our brains relies on the power of associations - the more powerful the emotional association is, the higher the level of retention will be. Good stories show, don’t tell – they make the learner feel a part of it, by enticing excitement, fright, empathy, and comedy.

The "why"

When it comes to corporate processes, the ‘why’ is the most important part. ‘What does this mean for me?’ – every employee asks themselves. By explaining the ‘why’, employees have a better understanding as to the reason certain systems are in place. This practice is used during health and safety training in the oil and gas sector: rather than a list of Do’s and Don’ts, trainees are told of the consequences to their jobs, their company, and their families, should they choose to disregard any safety practices and procedures. This is training in context: it explains the ‘why’ and taps into the emotional aspects of storytelling within learning.

Get creative

Transport the employees from their stuffy offices somewhere far more exciting and create a memorable experience, which they will in turn share. Storytelling is a unique thread in human history and is a part of human nature, and thus it contributes to learning from past experiences – one’s own or those of others. Told like this, stories give employees the confidence to retell a story and in turn, it encourages collaborative learning among employees.

Convey information

Not all storytelling needs to be extravagant – all it has to do is communicate your business’ company information. Customer stories, a brand’s timeline, reflective stories, and constructed situations – all can incorporate the advice given by the team of learning experts and can provide training that is engaging, memorable and contextually relevant.

At Bolt, we use this powerful technique when developing our Story-Based eLearning Modules. We have the ability to transform training and create employees that are confident, knowledgeable and efficient.