Scenario-based training allows learners to put their training into action and experience potential real-life situations without risk.

Learning how to solve a problem is great, however, without the experience of applying this, many employees can struggle in a real-life situation. Teaching theory is essential, but to make the most of this, scenario-based training helps teach employees the practical application.


Learn from mistakes in a safe environment

Important lessons can be learned from failure; however, this can come at a huge physical or financial cost when made in real life. Scenario-based training allows users to see the consequences of different actions and decisions, and learn from mistakes without implications to themselves and the business. If they then face this situation in the future, they are well equipped to make the correct decision, and their performance and behaviour will be transformed.

Clarification and reinforcement

Based on these decisions, we demonstrate the consequence and explain the implications, positive or negative. At each point of feedback, we explain the outcome and reinforce the key learning points, providing clarification on the correct course of action. In this way, we can create a safe online environment in which trainees can practice new skills, experiment, make mistakes and learn how to apply key knowledge and skills to their job.