Every business has its own unique characteristics and therefore needs different eLearning content. At Bolt, we tailor training to your brand, staff, and values and offer bespoke, custom-build eLearning.


One size doesn't fit all... Your workforce can come from different countries, regions or job backgrounds. You can have employees that belong to different generations: for example, current data predicts that by 2025, half of the entire workforce in the UK will consist of millennials, who respond best to gamified training. We pride ourselves on understanding our customers’ performance challenges in-depth and being your voice when it comes to your needs, your size and your values.

At Bolt, we have created our eLearning Modules with the ability to have variants: the core components are the same; however, you can add, swap or remove sections for certain groups of users. For example, we would use this for legislation specific to a geographic region or to alter an induction module to different departments. Our Translation Tool and the language and Localisation option of our Learning Management System (LMS) make it possible for the modules to be translated instantly and deployed with unprecedented speed.


We can also scope out, storyboard, develop and maintain online training that specifically meets your requirements. We create bespoke eLearning modules to help you achieve measurable results across your organisation. We can custom-fit eLearning modules to allow the pieces of training to be fully comprehensive. Thanks to our proprietary development tools, we can build highly engaging, interactive online training and rely on our own rapid eLearning development.

From the get-go, our platform has been established to make the process of updating and revising training modules much faster and more efficient than traditional eLearning modules, which are often too expensive to update. We take an active role in reviewing the results of the training modules and making changes to improve their effectiveness.