Gamification is the incorporation of elements such as competition, point-scoring, and rewards into training to increase user engagement and motivate users to advance further and accomplish more.


There are many different learning styles and unless the learner's style is solely the Read/Write - type of the VARK styles, working through pages of pure information can be difficult, particularly when a large volume of training is being delivered. This leaves trainees unengaged, unmotivated and with minimal knowledge retention.


Training as an interactive process

Gamification makes training an interactive process following a compelling narrative, harnessing the competitive spirit in us all to engage the user and motivate them to push themselves further through the training. This approach to eLearning helps to engage the user in the training and their progress, thus increasing knowledge retention and the motivation to succeed.

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it..."

Instead of having a simple quiz about your company’s brands, we turn this into an adventure where users must accomplish a mission by correctly answering questions to overcome obstacles and save the company. Users can create their own profiles, choose their name and make an avatar.

Reward your learners

Positive reinforcement such as gaining stars or advancing to another level in the learning kingdom can be incorporated to reward the user when a correct choice is made, releasing endorphins and creating a sense of excitement and encouraging users to continue to collect more rewards. Negative feedback can also be effectively utilised within gamification as we have a safe digital environment to show potential consequences when the wrong course of action is taken.