The Flipped Classroom approach, also known as Flip-it Training, enables trainees to better absorb the new information and retain the knowledge more effectively.

Flip-It Training has the same goal as Recap & Refresh but works the opposite way around.  Rather than post-training, Flip-It will operate before a training event, for example, by providing online theory training.

By using the same principle of a flipped-classroom approach, you can find out what your learners already know or need. Our powerful Survey feature can help you find out where they stand before either the theory or the practical training begins.

How It Works

A Flipped Classroom reverses the traditional learning environment by distributing instructional eLearning content outside of the classroom. In a Flipped Classroom with eLearning, learners can complete online training modules, read and review documents online, as well as complete quizzes and exams to test their knowledge before a training session or meeting.

Levelling the playing field

For example, if a meeting were called regarding a subject few attendees might be familiar with, Flip-It would assist with bringing them up to a 'level playing field' and provide them with confidence before the meeting starts. The chair of the meeting would benefit from saving introduction time, increased input from attendees, increased productivity and a quicker response rate to solve problems.