eLearning distributed through a Learning Management System (LMS) with a great capacity, like Spark, is the most effective way of consistently training a large number of employees in a wide variety of skills and knowledge.

Targeted training delivered on any device – PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone – saves time and money, and ensures that each learner receives the same high standard of training. The reporting capability of a large capacity system like Spark enables you to accurately track the progress of your employees.



Ease of distribution

By accessing training on any digital device at a time that suits the user, more employees can access the training and engagement levels are higher. There is no time wasted on travel, printing, reading of lengthy induction materials, meetings or classroom training sessions. All training can be done online and in a more stimulating, engaging and fun environment. Practical sessions’ effectiveness is maximised, as all trainees are able to read and watch the standardised pre-requisite material and thus have the required basic knowledge.

Vital information readily available

Spark keeps valuable statistics on trainee progress, detailing areas where assistance is required. It keeps track of outstanding training items and non-compliance areas. There is no need for a time-intensive task of post-training interviews, continual update meetings or manual marking of tests or exams. Our modules are currently accessed in over 47 countries and it is estimated that 1 million trainees will have had training distributed to them over the next 5 years. The Spark LMS can manage these numbers with ease.