When it comes to corporate identity, image and branding are everything. Part of this identity is your company’s learning environment.

It is one of the first points of call for your employees – it is the entrance to each of your pieces of training, from induction onwards. Your learning academy is the most viewed area internally, and it has to be branded to integrate the overall image you want to promote and your employees to identify with.


Make your employees your brand ambassadors

If you have a learning platform with your own branding, you can reap the following benefits:

  • you can strengthen your training’s brand proposition (how you can solve your employee’s problems regarding training needed);
  • provide relevant information within one consistent look and feel;
  • act as a news site where you can publish information about relevant training, new courses, learning tips and more;
  • provide the knowledge base for your trainees;
  • embed instructional content, for example, quick self-help videos, etc.

Uniting design and function

At Bolt, we can incorporate your company’s logo, colours (according to your company’s style guide) and the overall look of your brand. We can make sure that the tone, themes, and colour schemes are consistent. This is of utmost importance if your training academy is accessed via your company’s intranet, using the seamless single-sign-on process – participants will immediately recognise your training space as something belonging to the business and to themselves.