Adaptive learning is eLearning which analyses the user’s knowledge and skills and adapts the training to their requirements.

A generalised approach can work when adopting new systems and processes, however, it can be ineffective, time-consuming and costly when learners have different levels of background knowledge. Repeating training for which learners already have a high level of knowledge on the subject will lead to users being disinterested and unengaged.


Adapt the training to an individual

Our eLearning platform allows you to assess the user’s ability, knowledge, and skills to determine which aspects or levels of a module to deliver and adapts to the individual. This personalised, adaptive approach saves time and allows employees to focus on the content relevant to them, enhancing their skills and knowledge. By challenging users with new training tailored to them, engagement levels are increased, and the user experience is enhanced.

Let data help you tailor the training experience

Throughout the modules, we test the trainee to assess experience level and adapt content accordingly to drive the adaptive learning experience. Additionally, the data we collect throughout the training gives insight into which topics learners find most challenging. We collect data on how the user engages with the content, enabling managers to arrange further training or adaptions where required. Training can also be adjusted to match job roles and other criteria to create a tailored learning experience.