We all know the benefits of great training; it increases performance, productivity and job satisfaction, reduces staff turnover and makes workplaces safer. It’s one of the main factors that makes – and keeps – companies successful.

At Bolt, we deliver the most powerful online training, thanks to the combination of cutting edge technology and the expertise of our in-house designers. We aim to produce effective skills acquisition, knowledge retention and improved proficiency of your employees, by employing the scientifically proven approaches, like the flipped classroom, microlearning or blended learning.


Working in partnership

We partner with our clients to discover what you really need – our approach is to ask deep and meaningful questions, really get to know you, and then scope and tailor the content to your needs. We accumulate and analyse the information to design innovative solutions and create a product that can be seamlessly embedded in your organisation.

Science applied in eLearning

Our team is always striving to create the most effective eLearning content to boost knowledge retention and rapid learning. The features we offer include eLearning translation, video eLearning, adaptive learning, gamification, personalised branding, scenario-based modules, flipped classrom approach, recap and refresh and theory training.


All of our content is easily accessible online – 24/7, on any device, without the need to download any plugin or additional software, thanks to our powerful Learning Management System – Spark LMS.


By combining the speed and efficiency of machine-aided translation with the expertise of native speakers, we have created a game-changing eLearning translation system that delivers exceptional quality at exceptional speed.

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Interactive videos

Videos create immersive scenarios where focused participants are required to interact with the environment. Questions to answer, decisions to take, hotspots to click provide the chance for the users to be engaged.

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Adaptive learning

Adaptive learning which analyses the user’s knowledge and skills and adapts the training to their requirements. This personalised approach saves time and allows employees to focus on the content relevant to them, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

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Gamification in eLearning involves the incorporation of elements such as competition, point-scoring, and rewards into training so as to increase user engagement and motivate users to advance further and accomplish more.

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Customised branding

Strengthen your training’s brand proposition, provide relevant information within one consistent look and feel, provide the knowledge base for your trainees - by delivering training customised to your company.

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Scenario-based training allows learners to put their training into action and experience potential real-life situations without risk. It allows them to make mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment.

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Flip-It Training

The Flipped Classroom approach, also known as Flip-it Training, enables trainees to better absorb the new information and retain the knowledge more effectively. Rather than post-training, Flip-It will operate before a training event, for example, by providing online theory training.

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eLearning distributed through a Learning Management System (LMS) with a great capacity, like Spark, is the most effective way of consistently training a large number of employees in a wide variety of skills and knowledge. Targeted training delivered on any device – PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone – saves time and money, and ensures that each learner receives the same high standard of training.

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Recap and Refresh

Recap and Refresh method gives trainees the tools, equipment, and practice to retain information over time, strengthening their memory. Post-event refreshers and performance reinforcement are powerful ways of improving long-term retention of knowledge and skills acquired at a training event.

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Theory Training

When the skills training involves a potentially dangerous environment, learners can show up on the day of practical training having already covered the vital theory training online, in their own time and at their own pace.

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Story Based

Bolt training maximises the powers of storytelling to transform dull corporate facts into engaging, inspiring and outstanding content that delivers memorable company information. Instead of having corporate training that will be almost instantly forgotten, our learning experts create training that will be long-lasting and unforgettable.

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