One of the biggest strategic challenges facing learning and development in this and the coming decade is digital transformation.

Digital transformations require a blend of strategic consultancy and IT implementation. Bolt’s consultancy approach is to deliver a model that combines the two by leveraging our inhouse LMS technology or creating a bespoke solution that is tailored to your strategy.

Bolt’s Spark platform is essential to a Learning and Development function’s ability to deliver results at scale and to automate processes that waste resources and impact morale.


Automating at Scale

Bolt’s consultancy team will work with your business to understand workflows, and processes to identify pain points and opportunities to implement technical solutions to create engaging user experiences. Through our Spark platform to bespoke design of learning modules or tools, we will help your business discover and deliver the right solutions to maximise effective ways of working.

Leveraging Technology and Data

Our consultancy team will work with your business to deliver effective, hassle-free experiences to your employees. Our team will help you understand your requirements and evaluate your current landscape and processes to implement your strategic learning objectives through technical solutions. Our Spark platform and tailored learning solutions are designed to provide you with the data you need to understand the capabilities of your employee base and when it’s time to make strategic pivots.

Simplifying Processes

Bolt’s Spark platform and consultancy offering is designed around helping businesses simplify processes and to create sustainability in how they manage their company-wide learning requirements. Our consultancy team looks at how we can deploy strategies to increase capabilities, transform skills and to develop an approach to implement tools and digital processes. Ultimately, this means reducing the dependency on paper-based and resource-heavy solutions that currently prevents your business from delivering effective results.


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