Compliance is a core component of any business’s learning and development strategy.

Helping businesses understand the steps required to ensure that their employees are compliant is essential in today’s economy. Developing an approach that uses the Science of Learning to ensure competency and prevent risk is what our core consultancy offering is designed to deliver.


Ensuring Competency to Mitigate Risk

Supporting your teams to determine the right level of awareness around how they conduct their daily operations is paramount to ensuring your business is safe from a pending risk now and in the future. Our consultants will work with your teams and provide insights from industry-leading best practices to create immersive learning solutions that can track and measure how capable your employee base is on your business’ core compliance requirements.

A Blended Approach

Our solutions use a blended approach of scenario-based learning and storytelling to provide context to the consequences of being non-compliant in your workplace. Bolt Spark platform provides actionable compliance reporting that allows your business to understand the current level of capability of your workforce.

Driving a Culture of Behavioural Change

Our teams will operate in partnership with your organisation to understand and assess the current compliance landscape and the behaviours of the employees that work within it. Through the use of our technology, bespoke learning and off-the-shelf compliance solutions, we will help your business implement a programme of work that is targeted to address the behaviours you are looking to change.

Building your Culture

Our consultants will help your team instil a culture that creates a sense of personal accountability and awareness whilst using our technology to help your teams identify compliance issues and risks. Through the science of learning, our in-house design teams will create solutions to develop capability and increase employee confidence.

Business-Specific Compliance Profiling

Learning and Development and Quality Management functions are often challenged with complex compliance requirements. As businesses scale their offerings, their challenges become more diverse and their employees' compliance requirements become more intricate as a result. Our consultancy approach is designed to develop specific compliance profiles that can be measured and tracked in our platform, Spark LMS.

Creating a Framework

Creating a framework to identify the diversity of your business’s roles that can be aligned to your own policies and procedures and audited at the frequency of your choice. This allows our team to help your business move away from a tick-box compliance culture and to plan strategically how you will mitigate risk and ensure the safety of your workforce, customers and business.



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