Our Consultancy Approach

Bolt Learning provides you with experts that can support and guide the design and delivery of your training strategy, solving a wide range of problems that businesses face in today’s fast-paced economy.

Our teams work in partnership with your organisation, to develop and implement new approaches to learning through technology-led solutions. We address ways of working, performance improvement and behavioural change.


The Bolt Discovery Model:


The first stage of the design thinking process allows you to gain an empathetic understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve, providing insight into users and their needs.

We support your business to identify the factors that impact the development, delivery and effectiveness of the goals you working towards.


We accumulate and analyse the information from the Discovery stage to define the core problems in a human-centered manner.

We help you define the strategic vision regarding the technologies, content, processes, culture, change requirements and behaviours required to be successful.


We can work with you to design an outside-the-box approach with innovative solutions to assess the capability and requirements of the challenge we are trying to overcome.

Creating a product that is uniquely bespoke to your requirements or implementing our off-the-shelf content to support learning.


With a practical plan and a well-designed product, we partner with you to implement the changes that will realise the objective we were setting out to achieve.

Through our Spark platform, we use technology to embed a solution into your organisation. We can integrate our services throughout implementation or support remotely as required.


Measurement is a key success factor on determining the designed solution’s return on investment, or any future pivots that are required.

Through leveraging the technology of the Spark platform, and the work to discover and understand the problem, we will work with your team to provide the data required to validate success and ensure continuous improvement.


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