Bolt combines the power of our cloud-based LMS and compliance training management system, with action-packed online training courses to help you truly change employee behaviour and reduce organizational risk.


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Higher-impact training programmes

Access high-impact, accredited training built using advanced teaching methods to maximise knowledge and skill acquisition. Available ‘off-the-shelf’, personalised or totally bespoke to you. Online courses can easily be converted to off-line training guides.

Meet compliance & regulatory standards

Our compliance training platform will intuitively manage the distribution of training and automatically highlight any breach in your specific regulatory training requirements. Facial recognition or electronic signature collection available for user verification.

Reduced operational time

Bolt’s compliance training management system automates the process of distributing, chasing, tracking and measuring compliance training. Automated alerts, reminders and intuitive training distribution help maintain compliance more efficiently and effectively.

Single training Repository

Store all training material and training records in one place; eLearning modules, webinars, policy documents, standard operating procedures (SOPs), videos and audio. Even face-to-face training can be recorded and booked through the integrated event management system.

Real-time status update and audit trail

Access real-time compliance status or full training records by employee, location, total company or other pre-defined group. Automatically share with relevant levels of management.

"We now have a modern and new approach towards health and safety training" 

Alexandra Rychlik, Training Co-ordinator at Kanes Foods

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