Health and Well-being eLearning modules help your employees manage stress and prevent burnout. A direct link between health and well-being and productivity, as well as an organisation’s long-term effectiveness, has been scientifically proven.

Well-being emerges from your thought, actions, and experiences – most of which you have control over. Skills like these need to be maintained, even when we are at our optimal level. At Bolt, we have created a series of Well-being eLearning Modules to help you achieve and stay on top of your well-being at work, as well as enhancing productivity and achieving balance.



Many studies show a direct link between productivity levels and the general health and well-being of your employees. The workforce well-being has been determined as one of the key factors in an organisation’s long-term effectiveness.

The more progressive organisations have recognised that their most important resource are their human resources and are increasingly recognising a need to take the well-being of their employees seriously.

There has been a growing trend for the development of health promotion policies that cover a whole range of lifestyle issues including diet, exercise, stress and mental well-being.

At Bolt, our courses are designed to decrease workplace issues such as fatigue, conflict, bullying, and increase positive solutions, such as communication, conflict resolution and delegation.

Great training increases performance and job satisfaction, reduces staff turnover and makes workplace safer. Our eLearning modules are fully interactive, accessible 24/7, on any device and with no time limit.


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