Effective eLearning helps sales teams to achieve more and perform better. Our multi-device training means your staff can improve their skills via their tablet or smartphone, at their convenience. 

If you have a sales force spread throughout the country, you know how costly training can be and how logistically difficult it can be to organise.

Our LMS can allow for pre-testing, so the salespeople can see quickly where the gaps are in their knowledge and what the areas they need to improve on are. Then they can easily train in their own time.


Train your employees on the importance of adding value to your customer's purchase.

To create an effective sales team and ensure they are able to sell, two things are important: knowledge (within their industry, sector, brand etc.) and sales skills (pricing, negotiation, relationship building etc.). A way to discover customers' needs, a dialogue involving open-ended questioning and active listening is necessary. This is the best way to discover customer's needs.

We provide online training which enables a consultative approach to sales and requires the salesperson to constantly request feedback. This will assist them to ask the right questions at the right time - a needs-focused selling approach.

At Bolt we have developed Sales eLearning Modules to ensure your staff have good selling techniques to provide your customers with high standards of service and boost your sales. Our Sales eLearning Modules are cost-effective and time-efficient. Fully online and interactive, accessible on any device, 24/7 with no time limits, and with an assessment at the end. A certificate can be downloaded upon successful completion of each eLearning Module.


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