If you have a workforce that is spread throughout the country, it can be difficult getting product knowledge out in a manner that is both time- and cost-effective. Thanks to product knowledge eLearning modules and online learning, this process can be dramatically shortened.

Immediate access to information about the product and its updates and features via your salespeople’s mobile phones, tablets or sales terminals creates a perfect sales pitch that can be delivered wherever your customer is.


Provide product knowledge at the point of need, via tablets and smartphones.

This is an online training strategy that will allow the employees to be involved and engaged, and at the same time, it helps them remember key features and benefits of the product. It boosts on-the-job performance and the confidence of your sales team, enabling them to go further and significantly boost your sales and add to the bottom line.

At Bolt Learning we have developed Product Knowledge eLearning Modules to assist your store staff with another level of customer service.

Your sales people will be able to guide your customers through purchasing a product best suited based on the occasion, budget and person’s tastes. All our eLearning modules are fully online and interactive, assessible 24/7, with no time limits through our LMS. A certificate can be downloaded upon successful completion of the eLearning module.


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