Bolt Induction eLearning modules cover the onboarding process with a view to shorten the new hires' time-to-competence. Your employees can start contributing and doing productive work at your company in significantly shorter times than traditional induction and onboarding.

Induction and pre-induction are provided by the employer, to help the employee become familiar with their new environment and their colleagues. This time, often referred to as onboarding, is when employees are at their most motivated and eager to learn.


Providing the correct pre-induction and induction helps new hires get off the ground faster.

Providing induction training via a Learning Management System allows these new employees to explore not only their own role and its requirements but also the roles that other people play and therefore assists them in becoming a useful member of the team faster. It is possible to start even before the first day, with pre-induction, as a part of the recruitment and selection process. That way, the new employee is up to speed and is ready to be productive.

At Bolt we have developed Induction eLearning Modules to ensure your staff arrive understanding processes, procedures, company values as well as reporting structures and colleague profiles.

Our Learning Management System can also collect the relevant paperwork from new employees including issuing policy documents, and even collecting electronic signatures where relevant. Fully online and interactive, Bolt eLearning modules are accessible on any device, 24/7 with no time limits. A certificate can be downloaded upon successful completion of each eLearning Module.


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