Fuel Retail eLearning Modules provide employees with knowledge about health and safety on the forecourt, compliance rules and regulations and customer service at petrol stations.

Every employee in fuel retail must be aware of their responsibilities on the forecourt. These responsibilities vary from being familiar with the forecourt, dealing with customers and suppliers, to basic and advanced safety measures in a hazardous environment. Yet, one-in-three small store retailers say that training is a significant challenge both for them and for their staff to incorporate into their time. 



Potentially hazardous environments like forecourts can present a challenge to employees.

They have to comply with safety regulations, while serving customers and liaising with contractors and suppliers. Each of these areas demands a specific set of skills that, once developed, can significantly reduce risk to your business, whilst increasing the bottom line.

At Bolt we have developed Fuel Retail eLearning Modules to give the forecourt staff all the essential training regarding working on the forecourt.

Ensure your staff have the legally required knowledge and skills, have in your possession evidence that training has taken place, reduce risk of a major breach of compliance. Our Fuel Retail eLearning modules are cost-effective and time-efficient. Fully online and interactive, accessible on any device, 24/7 with no time limits. A certificate can be downloaded upon successful completion of each eLearning Module.


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