Store Security
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Store Security
eLearning Module

Customer theft remains by far the largest area of loss in retail, amounting to more than £660 million, as reported in the 2019 Retail Crime Survey by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). Furthermore, cyber-crime, fraud and robbery are now at their highest since their recording system began in 2004.

It is essential that security is always guaranteed to your staff and customers and that your employees are trained on how to tackle potentially dangerous situations like theft and robbery. Enabling your employees to know how to identify, deal with and prevent potential risks they are exposed to, leads to better staff retention and ultimately, a better bottom line.

At Bolt, we have created the Store Security eLearning Module for store employees to be aware of store security general practices. By teaching them to understand their role in-store security, how to handle situations calmly and how to comply with company regulations, this eLearning module will help make your workplace a safer environment for all your staff.

Fully online and interactive, available 24/7 through our state-of-the-art LMS, the training course has an assessment at the end. A certificate can be downloaded upon successful completion of the eLearning module.

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Course Outline

  • Store security expert
  • Who is responsible
  • Identifying a thief
  • Dealing with theft / Dealing with a robbery
  • Preventing theft / Think like a thief
  • Internal theft
  • Common methods of theft / Most commonly stolen items
  • Fraud / Credit card fraud

Learning Outcome

At the end of the Store Security eLearning Module, the user will:

  • Understand the importance of handling situations calmly
  • Understand how to deal with theft
  • Understand the responsibilities of themselves and their employer
  • Understand the systems that are needed in order to comply with company regulations


This module covers key information surrounding The Theft Act, 1968; Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.



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