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Safe Sale of Alcohol - Scotland
eLearning Module

Employers are required by law to provide proper, two-hour training, surrounding safe sale and supply of alcohol to every single member of staff selling or serving alcohol in Scotland. This is part of the alcohol licencing legislation and if employers are not compliant with it, they risk their licence being suspended or revoked.

Traditionally, businesses would have to organise face-to-face training sessions or workshops for every new member of staff. This approach often has many drawbacks: taking up too much time or leaving gaps in compliance when managers wait until they have several new employees to train. Sometimes, supervisors themselves do not have enough skills to convey the legislation knowledge.

At Bolt, we have created the Safe Sale of Alcohol – Scotland eLearning Module, where the high-quality and up-to-date training can be distributed via email and accessed on any device: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The module is two hours long, but trainees can stop and start to complete in smaller chunks, at their convenience.

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This course was built in conjunction with industry leaders and official accreditation bodies and covers all changes to licensing regulations in Scotland. It also includes information on personal consumption, licensing objectives, valid proofs of age and more. It is suitable for anyone working in licensed premises in Scotland.

As businesses are required to keep a record of the staff who completed this training and all training records are subject to inspection. Our Learning Management System has a Record Store which automatically stores secure data about your employees and checks that all your staff is compliant. You can print out the certificate for each of your employees.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to Alcohol
  • Legislation (The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005
  • Premises License
  • Personal Licence
  • Children and Underage Sales

Learning Outcome

At the end of the Safe Sale of Alcohol eLearning Module, the user will:

  • Provide learners with legally required training to safely sell and serve alcohol
  • The module covers both Off Sales (retail and convenience) and On Sales (pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants)
  • Fully online and interactive, available 24/7 on any device, with no time limits, with assessments and certificate




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