Whether compliance with age-related sales like Challenge 25, food safety around allergen awareness or upselling in the retail environment, Bolt's Food and Beverage eLearning Modules provide the skills necessary for success across all of these areas.

Poor food hygiene can result in being fined, taken to court or sued due to non-compliance if one or more of your customers get food poisoning. Being unaware of foods that can trigger allergies can result in even worse consequences. Underage sales of alcohol, tobacco, and other products can also lead to fines, suspension or revocation of your store’s licence. Reputational damage to a company due to failure to comply to rules and regulations can take years to rectify and can cost a pretty penny. Prevention through adequate training is a much more cost-effective solution.



Knowledge is power

Staying a step ahead can pay massive dividends if you can demonstrate that your staff understand the law and rules, and are safe and compliant with the regulations. At Bolt, we have created Food and Beverage eLearning Modules that will aid your staff in understanding laws and regulations relating to food and beverage selling legislation. The courses are interactive and based on real-life situations and can help your staff adopt long-lasting behaviour changes.

Learn how to upsell

Other Food and Beverage eLearning Modules that can add significantly to your bottom line are the modules regarding Beer and Wine Selling, which help staff correctly merchandise and upsell the beverages that account for a significant amount of money spent across the country. All our modules can be accessed on any device, 24/7, with no time limits, include assessments and have downloadable certificates.


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