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Data Protection
eLearning Module

Data protection is crucial to a business both in terms of compliance and security: a single data breach costs a business on average $3.6 million. Every company holds information about its clients and is required by law to make sure that this data is kept secure and used responsibly.
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A mind-boggling amount of data is created and shared every day and is also held by companies and businesses, who have the legal obligation to be compliant with Data Protection laws and prevent and avoid data breaches.

At Bolt, we have created a Data Protection eLearning Module to teach users about the safety and protection of data. The course enables learners to be aware of individuals’ rights surrounding the use of their data, and their own responsibilities around protecting data and sensitive information. It contains everyday scenarios where data security can be breached, provides an overview of data protection roles and how to apply data protection principles in your company.

Fully online and interactive, accessible on any device, 24/7 and with no time limits, thanks to our state-of-the-art LMS. The eLearning module has an assessment at the end, and a certificate can be downloaded upon successful completion of the module.

Course Outline

  • Data protection and EU GDPR principles
  • Types of data
  • Data protection roles
  • Data subject rights
  • Applying data protection


We cover key information surrounding Data Protection, extracted from the Data Protection Act (1998) and EU GDPR.


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