Supporting long-term business continuity 

The current UK government advice and guidance regarding the coronavirus outbreak encourages home working for office-based employees where possible. For some, Home or Remote working was already the norm and we have already been delivering training on the topic for some time.

business continuity

With many people now away from the office, businesses have the added pressure of ensuring that their employees are compliant with legislation and good working practice. Consider for a moment that most people will have setup their home office on the dining room table or even worse on the living room sofa! Prolonged working from these locations can cause all sorts of issues and a proper Display Screen Equipment assessment would be highly worth carrying out.

We have pulled together some of our modules which cover a range of topics that might be useful at this time. We have also put together several bundles with modules on Well-being and Personal Effectiveness, or First-time Manager Skills.

The following modules are available and can be purchased individually for £30 + VAT each or can be purchased in bundles which save on the total cost. You can purchase them for yourself or for up to 50 people. If you need larger numbers please contact us.

The modules can be sent to any employee you request and will be made available on our Learning Management System Spark for 12 months. If you are purchasing for your team, we can even give you access to the Management System to see who has completed training, send reminders and track the efficiency of your learning campaign. The Management System gives you loads of functionality including:

  • Notifications via email or SMS
  • Certificate upon completion 
  • Reporting function for managers that can be downloaded. 

Find out about our Learning Management System

The courses available for purchase are

Remote Working Bundle

First Time Manager Skills Bundle

Personal development Bundle

Wellbeing & Personal effectiveness Bundle

Note: If you operate your own Learning Management System, the modules can be made available under licence in SCORM 1.2 or TinCan formats. Please get in contact.