Bolt eLearning Modules

Ready-made or Bespoke, Bolt eLearning Online Training Courses combine cutting-edge technology and the expertise of in-house specialists and designers. We deliver the leading eLearning content through our Learning Management System (LMS) and we use the best contemporary features, like gamification, eLearning translation, microlearning, blended learning, and rapid eLearning development.


Pick a Course, Any Course

Off-the-shelf eLearning modules are easily deployed through our Learning Management System (LMS), and focus on some of the most important and popular areas of workforce training. Many of our modules are already approved by Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and can be used individually, or as building blocks to create a complete training solution.

Expertise Guaranteed

Created by educational professionals at Bolt, the main focus of these courses is to get the trainees involved, engaged and invested in learning. There is a difference between being told what to do and being trained what to do, and our realistic scenarios, immersive stories and a multitude of interactions ensure compliance and drive behavioural changes. All of these can have a serious positive impact on your bottom line.

If you need an eLearning Training Course tailored to your needs, the Bespoke modules from Sponge powered by Bolt LMS might just be what you are looking for.




There is no need to treat compliance training as purely a ‘tick-box’ exercise. At Bolt, we develop stimulating Compliance eLearning Modules that can be done anytime and anywhere by employees.

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Health and Safety

Bolt Learning creates user-friendly, interactive and engaging Health and Safety eLearning Modules by applying the best learning approaches available. We deliver the modules that ensure high information retention and improved compliance with the rules and regulations.

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First Time Managers

Empower your first time managers with new ways of communication, delegating and leadership skills, so they can transition from employee to manager in a shorter space of time.

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Product Knowledge

Product knowledge eLearning modules deliver immediate information about new products, updates and features so that your salesforce can deliver perfect sales pitches wherever your customer is.

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Personal Effectiveness

Develop your personal effectiveness skills further with Bolt eLearning modules. Enhance your natural strengths to achieve better work and life goals.

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Health and Well-being are closely linked to productivity as well as an organisation's long-term effectiveness. At Bolt, we have created a series of well-being modules to help you achieve and maintain your best state of mind.

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Customer Service

According to predictions, customer service is to overtake price as the key differentiator for customers in the coming decade. Empower your staff with excellent customer skills with our eLearning modules.

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Food & Beverage

Food safety, compliance with age-related sales and upselling are some of the crucial skills for team members in retail. Train your staff in these skills with engaging eLearning modules.

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Staff on the forecourt face potentially hazardous situations during every working day at petrol stations. Bolt eLearning modules provide forecourt employees with the knowledge necessary to be safe and compliant, whilst providing excellent customer service.

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Empower your staff with knowledge and skills needed to become compliant and confident in all situations when they are selling products on licensed premises.

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Effective eLearning helps sales teams to achieve more and perform better. Our multi-device training means your staff can improve their skills via their tablet or smartphone, at their convenience, especially if you have a sales force spread throughout the country.

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Bolt online courses range from first time managements skills, to coaching and mentoring and absence and fatigue management. The modules enable managers to implement behaviours and strategies to improve productivity and relationships.

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Shorten the time-to-competence for new hires with induction learning modules delivered via an LMS that also issues relevant policy documents and even collects electronic signatures.

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Digital Skills

In a rapidly changing online world, digital skills are more essential than ever. Train your employees to be safe and legal online with our eLearning modules.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR eLearning modules help you embed a robust Corporate Social Responsibility strategy into your organisation to deliver high standards when it comes to environmental efforts, philanthropy and ethical labour practices.

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Human Resources (HR)

From induction and onboarding, to compliance and difficult conversations, our HR eLearning modules enable HR professionals to stay on top of challenges they face every day.

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Learn new leadership skills or improve your existing ones with Bolt's interactive and engaging eLearning modules to develop future-proof leadership programs in your organisation.

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Bolt is proud to have many of our eLearning modules approved by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), dedicated to delivering knowledge to reduce serious accidental injuries.

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Sponge powered by Bolt pushes boundaries of creativity and brings workplace learning to life by delivering custom eLearning that motivates, inspires and produces results.

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