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Discover how we worked with Weetabix to redesign their Food & Safety training module, providing an effective and engaging eLearning solution

Weetabix have been an icon of British breakfast tables since 1932. The purpose at the core of their business is to help people live better lives by providing healthier breakfasts. Weetabix is a people-focused company, committed to attracting, retaining and rewarding brilliant people, and enabling them to make the difference to Weetabix. They see people as their most valuable asset and are committed to creating a great and safe place to work.



The Challenge

At Weetabix, the health and safety of employees is of paramount importance, so health and safety training is not viewed as merely a tick-box exercise. Despite having the legally required health and safety training in place, Weetabix were looking for more effective ways to educate their employees through eLearning, to ensure that they have the knowledge, skills and motivation to ensure their safety at work. The current training was deemed adequate, but the team at Weetabix wanted to push the boundaries to ensure the behavioural change in their factories.

 Case study


Bolt's Solution

Bolt worked with Weetabix to redesign their current Food Safety training module. For training to be effective, we needed to ensure that Weetabix employees were interested and involved in the training rather than be passive spectators. We cranked up trainee involvement by creating relevant eLearning activities throughout the module which required Weetabix employees to think about and apply what they were learning. Activities were weaved throughout the module to ensure active learning and participation. To keep their attention and make the learning enjoyable, we use realistic scenarios and role-plays that Weetabix employees would experience in real life, therefore making it easier for them to see how what they’ve learnt applies to their jobs. The result was an engaging 20 minutes eLearning module where the Weeto-buddies saved the day! It features real-life scenarios with images and scenes from the Weetabix factory.



Business Results

Within a week of releasing the module, with very little fanfare, more than 100 people had already completed the eLearning with glowing reviews from the employees, managers and health and safety team. The training will be distributed to more than 700 employees over the next year.