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Slingshot Edge

Explore how our online training helped this cutting edge sales consultancy.

Slingshot Edge are sales training and enablement consultancy that utilise stories and narrative to improve sales delivery. 



The Challenge

Slingshot Edge deliver face-to-face training and do it well. But when it came to ensuring delivery of the training content to large sales teams, based on geographically dispersed regions, they hit a problem. Additionally, they also found that with the pressures of time, when they did have salespeople together, they had less and less time to get the messages across. 

 Case study


Bolt's Solution

We created an online module that could easily be tailored to each of Slingshot Edge's clients and their specific needs while retaining the core messages behind their approach. The modules can be delivered as flip-it pre-training, (i.e. before the audience attend a face-to-face session) or can be used to reinforce the message after such a session.

The module has also been used for those employees not able to attend due to sickness or travel issues, which was an added benefit.

The modules also facilitate the delivery of sales collateral. With Sparks reporting functionality, it's easy to see who has completed the training and downloaded the materials and who hasn't.


Business Results

The modules are stimulating and engaging, mirroring Slingshot Edge's storytelling methodology and have been highly effective in getting new sales stories out to the field-based sales forces worldwide.