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Induction and internal training modules.

Mercurytide helps businesses to overcome everyday challenges through creative thinking and innovation, intersected with technology, offering tailored back-office systems and websites. 



The Challenge

During a recent recruitment drive at Mercurytide, it became apparent there was an opportunity to enhance their welcome pack for staff joining the company. Mercurytide employee, John Mills, collaborated all his notes and wrote a document that would be distributed to the new starts on their first day at Mercurytide. After the document was completed, it was obvious that it was very long and not very engaging for the reader, so much so that there was a concern that the reader would forget all the important content.

 Case study


Bolt's Solution

At this point, the decision was made to restructure the document into a more manageable and memorable shape. This was achieved by using Bolt Editor. Once the eLearning modules had been created, it was clear that this was a great decision.

  • The information was easily split into three online training modules, each one holding the correct content based on the job role the new start was fulfilling.
  • The styling options offered while creating the modules were all used. Each slide had different transitions, backgrounds and in general, were easier to read.
  • The modules allowed us to convey a positive company image which could have been lost while using word documents. Having the ability to hand over an eLearning module instead of a document is far more professional for a company who pride themselves at being ahead of the technology curve.




Business Results

The eLearning modules instantly became memorable; when one of the new starts began at Mercurytide, they recognised a few of the current employees who had featured in the modules. This made the new start's first day easier as they already 'knew' people in the office.

The Bolt LMS was great to use as it allowed us to distribute the correct content to the new start and we were able to track their progression through the eLearning module. We also benefit from having a record of distribution and a record of when the module was completed.