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Our flexible training modules enabled store staff to train in their own time, on their own devices.

McLeish is a family-run, award-winning deli and convenience store based in the rural village of Inverurie. They opened their doors in May 2009 with the plan to be a one-stop shop for all their customers’ needs with a strong emphasis on locally sourced products - from local bakers to local butchers. McLeish have worked with the Scottish Grocer's Federation, The Association of Convenience Store (ACS), him! shopper, Eat Better Feel Better, and now Bolt. These partnerships allow McLeish to keep growing and improving, and provide the service and options to satisfy their customers.



The Challenge

Many things have changed over the last seven years, both in terms of customer shopping habits and within the local area. But the aim remains the same: to offer great service whilst keeping on top of the ever-changing consumer habits and maintaining a quality-driven store.

To provide this, McLeish needed a way to combine on-the-job training with personal training. When it came to personal training, done in the employees' own time, McLeish also needed a way to manage their progress. They needed the focus to be on two main areas: the food safety aspect of training and the 18+ age group working within the alcohol and tobacco sector (who require training annually to keep up with legislation changes).  Additionally, they needed to cover areas like customer service skills, health and safety and chilled foods - to name a few.

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Bolt's Solution

We created five short compliance-based modules that would help their staff combine personal training with the shop floor training (which is key for every staff member). The training would help complement what they learnt on the job and would be completed in their own time, allowing them to reassess what they had learnt. They needed to access the training anytime, anywhere through our mobile-responsive LMS.

We wanted to provide a highly interactive and engaging training programme to increase staff motivation, while keeping it fun with quizzes and games.