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International Powered Access Federation (IPAF)

Blended Powered Access Training delivered worldwide in multiple languages


The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) is the globally recognised leader in powered access training and accreditation, working with 600 training providers in 37 countries.  They train approximately 150,000 employees around the world every year, in nine languages.

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The IPAF training challenge

To operate a powered-access machine, like a cherry picker, you need to be properly trained and holding a valid Powered Access Licence (PAL Card) as proof of that training. This involves passing a theory and a practical test. The training is delivered at thousands of locations all over the world every day, so IPAF needed a centralised online system that would help deliver the theory aspect of the training. The solution had to:

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Bolt's solution for IPAF training

Game-changing, high-impact, effective training

We transformed the existing theory training into an absorbing online eLearning module AND the instructor-led course, not only creating highly stimulating and engaging training but a course that promotes skill acquisition and retention through active learning. We embraced cutting edge technology such as 360 interactive video, 3D animation, audio, activities, games, and quizzes to maximise active learning and engage trainees. 

Utilising technology to revolutionise face-to-face training

Instead of relying on out-dated PowerPoint presentations, our technology automatically creates a downloadable offline version of the course for an instructor to present from. Interactive activities and audio are replaced with guides and demos. The instructor will automatically download the very latest version of the course each time. 

Increasing the reach of the training with eLearning

The course is also available as a responsive eLearning module, meaning trainees can access it directly on mobile devices, desktops or tablets and allowing them to learn in their own time and at their own pace. This increases the capacity of people who can access IPAF courses and reduces training time from three hours in the classroom to between 1h and 1h 45 minutes online.

Taking their world-class training, global

Using our cloud-based LMS (Learning Management System), we enabled worldwide simultaneous delivery to unlimited numbers of users in multiple languages. Using Bolt's rapid translation solution, IPAF is expanding the number of languages their courses are available in.

Measuring effectiveness with big data

We utilised big data techniques, analysing not only trainees' results but also their interactions throughout the training to ensure the continued effectiveness and improvement of the course. 

Rapid access to training records

Should an incident occur, IPAF can now access training records from specific training centres or eLearning trainees for necessary audits within hours, thanks to a powerful Learning Record Store (LRS).

Flawless integration

Finally, the system is also integrated with IPAF’s existing card management system and can communicate with the systems employed by IPAF training centres, thanks to the Advanced Program Interface



Business Results

Our elegant and simple training solution, to a complex challenge, has enabled this excellent organisation to further increase its influence in a significant industry.  IPAF has utilised cutting-edge technology and modern educational theory to deliver a high-impact blended training solution, worldwide. More than £1m in operational costs have been saved enabling IPAF to divert funds to new safety initiatives.