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Discover how our online training solutions have helped this field marketing agency train their employees across every level of the organisation. 

eXPD8 are experts at providing professional, high-quality retail support services for many leading brands in numerous retailers through the UK and the Republic of Ireland. These services can range from compliance audits, retail intelligence, product merchandising, promotional setups, relays and refits, ordering, stocktaking and product returns. Their people lie at the very heart of their business, without them there would be no business. Championing progressive attitudes and caring for their staff, eXPD8 turned to Bolt Learning to help develop their staff and provide them with the tools that they need to work in the field. 



The Challenge

eXPD8 employ field agents to travel up and down the country to aid suppliers in the setup of merchandising in stores. This could be anything from a new product launch in-store to the release of a new DVD. Field agents need to have outstanding knowledge about the retailer, shoppers, product and activity which they have been tasked with. They also need a range of skills to successfully deliver each project and maximise its impact. eXPD8 wanted a flexible training solution that staff could access on-the-go or on the job to aid them in their fieldwork. The unique nature of their field agents' work means that they carry tablet devices with them. eXPD8 wanted a way to streamline the process of delivering this business-critical information on a client directly to these tablets.

The other problem facing eXPD8 was, as their staff generally work out of office, working to strict 'launch day' deadlines, they wanted to ensure that their field agents were utilising their time as effectively as possible. Failure to launch a new product inside a flagship store can have negative consequences for eXPD8, the retailer and their client. They needed a solution that was adaptive and flexible to their employees' lifestyle. eXPD8 strongly believe in valuing their employees in the same way that they value their customers, which is why they wanted to provide their staff with a system that would work for each member of staff and in tandem with the nature of their job.

In essence, eXPD8 are a company that cares for their staff and they needed a solution that gave their staff something fun, engaging, convenient and rewarding and which would ultimately help them deliver better results for their clients.

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Bolt's Solution

At Bolt Learning, we are experts at crafting fun, engaging and rewarding training materials. We have provided them with access to our LMS, Spark, that allows the company to not only distribute training materials but to also distribute articles that field agents could read and look at while on-the-go. This allows agents to get a rundown on a particular client or particular launch whilst they are travelling to work or inside a retail store. They can even access materials while on the job, providing eXPD8 with a place where they could store all the information their staff require to do their job as effectively as possible. 

eXPD8 employ a diverse range of people from all across the country; as such, they needed a solution that is fully flexible, adaptive and instantly accessible. Our LMS and our training are built with this in mind. Staff can access their training via their tablets at a time that is convenient for them. Our training is also built to be flexible and adaptive because we understand that a one size fits all approach is not conducive to effective learning.

By incorporating gamification techniques we've also ensured that modules will be fun to do and rewarding to complete as well as keeping the length of time it would take to complete the module to no more than 10-20 minutes; micro-learning has shown that by training or teaching in bite-size chunks, learners have a better chance of retaining information. This helps build a culture where everyone understands the importance of time management. 



Business Results

eXPD8 continue to boast some of the biggest brands in the world as their clients, which would not be achievable without their employees. Their staff continue to rave about how great it is to work for eXPD8 and our eLearning solution now gives them a fun and engaging way to learn and develop in their roles. Furthermore, our LMS and training materials are tangible evidence from the business to their staff, and clients, that they care deeply about ensuring that staff are not just performing a role but that they are comfortable and confident in their ability to do their job.